Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Journey to a better ME!

When you decide to become a better you, it will have to be a all in thing.
I have done diets and fitness programs and felt like I was being punished for being fat. I felt restricted and unhappy. When you learn what your body needs and learn the right foods to eat and start an exercise regimen that works for you. Your body will start craving these things and you will not want to go back to your old habits.

It really all starts with your mind and I also think in your heart. You have to make up your mind and desire to be a better you in your heart!

This journey is not simple, easy, or even fun some days. But I will NOT GIVE UP, this isn't a diet or 30 day program fad. This is me using the knowledge that I have and giving my body what it deserves, what I deserve!! I might not be your version of optimal health, I have rolls, cellulite and loose Skin but I am stronger with each week!  Don't push your health and wellness off another day! #wellnesswednesday #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #gym #getfitmom #gettingstronger #momsofinstagram #girlpower #loveyourself #behealthy

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