Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Fathers Love. A letter to my husband.

Dear Jon,
You are a wonderful example of what a Father's Love is supposed to look like. What a true man should be. Just a few examples are, You always treat each child fairly. You always go out of your way to make sure that everyone has what they need, including me. You have worked extremely hard to provide for our family and to be present. U-kiss boo-boos, change diapers, read books, play games, trucks, Legos, baby dolls and are a jungle gym. You are the voice of reason and the calm to this family. You have a way of bringing us all back to our Center and to remember what is important. You are the kids real life super hero, always there to save the day!! Oh and Mommy's 😍 You are a prayer partner and helpmate. I am so glad you were chosen to be our children's Daddy! The Lord definitely knows the desires of our hearts, he saw mine so clearly. I love you more and more everyday as I see you being a father to our babies. You... the one no one ever saw getting married at one point in your life, married young and now has 3 children. I think the Lord definitely had plans for you that no one imagined on top of having a successful career. There are so many other examples I could share! You truly amaze me. I am so blessed and proud to call you my husband.

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8)

“[God is] the Father from whom all fatherhood derives its name.” (Ephesians 3:15)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Who are you Mom?

Oh my word sometimes being a mom sucks! Like right now I feel like crap mastitis again really? Like I don't have enough to deal with and take care of? Sometimes as a mama we feel so alone, you feel like you are screaming and none notices your desperate cries. Or when you can't control your anger and emotions and feel you have failed all day. Or when the house work just piles up and you just need a break and a magic cleaning fairy! We are so hard on ourselves! Sometimes we just need to sit back, take a breath and ......

Remember who and who's we are!!

You are the daughter of the King
You are a teacher
You are a nurse
You are a chef
You are a counselor
You are a comforter
You are a prayer warrior

You are so much more than your day job or just a stay-at-home​ mom. You are so much more than the idea you have of yourself in your own head.

You are the one that holds your family together. You​ are the heart. Jesus sees all that you are and all that you do, every struggle and every victory!

So even though things can be hard and not what we expected. Just think of who you are in Jesus and how he has made you for just a time as this!! He has transformed you into a Mother and placed these precious children into your lap to care for and to love. They will not be little forever. My prayer right now and for a while is Lord give me a little bit more.. little bit more strength, love, and a whole lot of help!! in Jesus name.

PS: You are fearfully and wonderfully

Friday, April 7, 2017

I love You to the Cross and Back

How important are women?

Daughter of the king Galatians 3:26
Free John 8:36
Favored Proverbs 8:35
Redeemed Ephesians 1:7
Loved Isaiah 43:3
Worth far more than rubies proverbs 31:10

Questions to ask yourself

Do you know who you are in Christ?
How important are we as women?
Why do we try to be or look perfect?

Social media

What do we try to portray is it an illusion or reality, is it the manipulated version of ourselves the controlled version of ourselves?

As a Christian woman there is no need to prove who I am because my identity is in Christ!

The significance of a woman is so great the women of Easter show that.

The women stayed when the apostles fled.

The women followed him the whole way traveling every step with him watching every scar being placed on his body, and every drop of blood flow from his brow they watched him slip away little by little. Who were these women?

Mary of Nazareth Jesus's​ mother from the first breast to the cross a woman was a part of his whole story that's how significant She was That's How significant a woman is to Jesus. I can't imagine the Sadness and Sorrow that she was facing knowing this day was coming and then living it seeing the prophecy coming to life being fulfilled. She is the perfect example of obedience and Trust.

Mary Magdalene was the one woman named with the seven demons that Jesus cast out she is so significant that she was named 12 times in the Bible more than most apostles. She was present at the cross all the way till the resurrection and was named the first to see him.

Mary of Bethany sister to Martha and Lazarus a friend and precious to Jesus she showed her heart and Jesus showed his to her as well.

Salome wife to a well-to-do fisherman Zebedee mother of James and John Apostles of Jesus and also thought to be married cousin she supported Jesus's Ministry with funds. And followed him throughout his journey.

There's also a group of women from Galilee that Salome helped lead

These women were with him, following him staying with him, preparing his burial, supporting him like most women do. As mothers we wait on our children, we follow them, we prepare things for them, we are with them even if you're not doing anything we are there for their support we are there for them no matter what just as these women were with Jesus no matter what. They were taking care of him just like we take care of our children the Lord knew that these women were supposed to be there to take care of Jesus. It could have been John, John was there but God knew that he needed a woman a woman's Spirit a woman's softness a woman's prayer a woman's heart.

During this time in Jewish Society it was very male-dominated women were inferior same status as a slave, they have no voice. So why women oh how he values us we are doing his work.

This is how important you are as a wife a mother a sister a daughter. Easter is about Redemption there's no need to fake because you are redeemed. Easter symbolizes a new day, a new day to be you to have your identity in Christ to know how strong and important you are, especially how important you are to the Lord.

So all these women were​ with him doing his work he could feel the pain in these women they were at his feet weeping, but he knew the joy all the joy that would come. Despite the struggles of each of us he extended Grace and hope to women first. How did he do it? A woman saw Jesus first the woman that was Weeping at his feet! This speaks volumes how precious is that it could have been one of the disciples it could have been one of the men but oh how sweet it was Mary Magdalene.

He placed a woman to go tell the good news that his son is risen. He thinks you are precious he places you right where he needs you! He values you more than you think, more than you could ever know. No need to march with a sign no need to pretend you're someone else no need to manipulate the real you because your identity is in Christ Jesus!! I know my worth because He Loves Me to the Cross and back!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Up at 5

Right now I am sitting up in bed feeding Jonah and I'm about to fall over asleep. But I have this cute little baby attached to me! Man I was finally sleeping good baby, like in a deep sleep where you wake up dazed, (which doesn't happen much). This is real motherhood, you can't​ just say go back to sleep buddy, or in mine and others case hunny here you go feed him please, nope no boobies there. I just wish I could sleep a couple of nights without any interruption like none not even my husband snoring.

I seriously wish this a lot! I just want to sleep in my own bed and wake up naturally. And I think about how it use to be when we first got married. Or even before that. You know have myself a little pity party.

Here is what just ran threw my mind after complaining to myself this morning. And wow thank you Lord for showing me how loved I am and how You made me for such a time as this.

I use to not be needed.
I use to not be as loved.
I use to no be a nurse.
I use to not be a cook or house keeper.
A problem solver.
A teacher
I used to not get wet kisses
Or little hugs, play Barbie or trucks.
Hear little laughs, that echo through the house.
I use to not know what it feels like to have a strong loving man.

Seems​ like I would be lost if I went back to how it use to be. I wouldn't have as much love and all the blessings I have received.

This is not just with mothers everyone goes through this, everyone wonders what their life would be like if? Or how their life use to be. Sometimes so much so that we have missed out on all the love and blessings that we have right now. We wish we were someone else or had someone else's life, when ours is exactly what others may want and what we need .... Human nature! we always want what we don't have, the opposite looks more appealing at times. Open up your eyes and start seeing the beauty that surrounds you in small and large ways in your life every day. Even if you are struggling there is beauty from ashes. And new grace each morning. Thank him through it all.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Breathe

Feelings this week.

It has been one crazy week with sickness both Jackson and Jonah had to be taken to the doctor this week and last week Layla had a virus. The lack of sleep that goes along with sickness has not helped this mama. Parenting has not been easy I have been angry more times than not, the laundry is not folded and things have just been left to wait. But in the midst of it all I accept I am not perfect I really am trying, sometimes not giving it my best I will admit it, but trying. Thankfully oh how I am so thankful for my husband he reminds me to Just Breathe to Let It Go to Let It Out. He comforts me no matter what I've done, no matter if I was too angry or overwhelmed, he is the calm to my storm!
I am so thankful that the Lord made you just for me.
You are my helpmate.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fun facts about Mom

Mommin ain't easy!! A few quick facts about being a mom.

* We are forever changed, our hearts never new they could grow this much and love so deeply.

* It was cute when we thought we were tired before we had kids. Just hilarious!

* Being puked on really doesn't bother us any more.

* Boy moms-  accept it they hate pants!

* We hide to eat chocolate! Because they can smell treats from a mile away. And will hunt you down like : mommy what do you have? Mommy what do you have? Is that candy? Can I have a bite? Please!

* All moms cuss a little, and if you say you don't You -are -a -liar.

* We are constantly feeding someone, the words " I need a snack" are stuck on repeat.

* We feel like we have failed most days.

* Privacy? what is that you speak of?

* Going shopping by yourself feels like you just got out of the big house and got your first taste of freedom!

* Little people hugs can make your day better no matter what happened.

* We need to stop trying to be perfect. With 3 there is no way.

* For some reason no one can find shoes even if they are standing right in front of them.

* We need our husbands! (Single moms are outstanding I don't know how you do it)

* Jesus and coffee keeps us going.

* Don't compare yourself to other moms we are all a hot mess.

* We take crazy to a whole new level when someone messes with our kids.

* We dream of bubble baths!

* I wish I could wear dress up to the grocery store.

* We are beyond blessed our cup runneth over!

* If you feel crazy you are probably doing it right!

* It's OK to cry.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Progress not Perfection

"Motherhood is not glamorous. And I am far from perfect.
As of right now I have a fever from mastitis and have been struggling to loose 2 lbs for the past 2 weeks. And have to make myself put on real clothes." I am really struggling with my postpartum body, my self-esteem has been shaken! I'm the mom that doesn't loose a ton of weight while breastfeeding shocker. But I am thankful for progress, I know where my help comes from. And He has put the desire to pursue my health and wellness. Parenting is also one of the hardest things I have to do daily. If only they could all just stay around the same age as Jonah. All the decisions we as parents have to make throughout the day can be tuff. We hope they are all for the best and sometimes we wish we could take some responses or decisions back. When to say no, when to say yes, when to have punishment, when to not, when to give Grace! It's so HARD, and we look at other parents and think ?? man I wish I could be that type of mom and we think they're perfect but the truth is they are struggling just like you.

          Perfection   vs   Progress
                 Law       vs        Grace

With perfection (law) there is no room for error. With progress (grace) it's okay to make mistakes because of love.

Perfection can cause us to be exhausted and quickly discouraged, it binds us up and holds us down, we become consumed with each tasks till there is nothing left to give.

Progress is pleasing and allowing you to be creative and unique in the process of change without becoming consumed, it gives us Grace for error.

Like The Little Engine That Could as long as You are pushing little by little to make it up the hill. You can look back and be so proud of yourself from all the way at the bottom, to making it all the way to the top! It wasn't perfect and you had to talk yourself through it at times and sometimes daily but you finally made it. The struggles you will experience will make you stronger with each step and God's Grace, love and strength will be there to help you along the way. Especially when you fall.

(for the Law never made anything perfect); while on the other hand a better hope is introduced through which we now continually draw near to God.

Drawing near,
To wake up every morning and say it's going to be a great day! Asking the Lord to help you. And giving each day your best, not beating yourself up. Because the Lord doesn't he gives you grace for each new day. To strive for progress in all you do, to be on top of things but know they can also wait. To make healthy choices never giving up.  And in that you will not be perfect, but you will be changing for the better. Allow yourself to be proud of your progress, especially the progress no one sees.

My help comes from the Lord , Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.